Cuneiform, 2014
The second record under my name. Back in the saddle with Tim Young and Devin Hoff. We went back into the Hobby Shop in LA with Mudrock at the board and banged this record out in about three days of fusion fury. With no upright bass at the time of getting basic levels, Hoff was using the Ampeg baby bass and it stuck around for the whole date.
Cuneiform, 2013
I actually had the cover art from Chris Schreck way before I ever started writing the music for this band. The first recording under my name, it was written during winter of 2012 overlooking the skyline of downtown Los Angeles.  During this period I was also writing a record a few blocks away with a Michael Mann soundtrack-meets-Christian Death outfit called Rainbow Arabia.  I can't help but think of these two wildly different records as being slightly related.  Also marks the first recording on which I've worked with Tim Young and Devin Hoff.  Was playing a ton of tennis while writing these songs.  


EF Records, 2012

10 years deep, this record bears tunes written by myself, McDonnell, Nate Lepine and Patrick Newbery. Broste recorded this one again and I think he did a pretty fine job. Two days of intensity at Strobe Studios in Chicago to learn and record this record really whipped us into shape and by the tour in early 2012 we were a finely tuned machine of ensemble passages and whisky-abuse. To quote Matt Bauder: There's no "i" in team, but there are two in "ripping solo."
Olives & Orchids EF Records,2010
One of the finer Composer - Multi Instrumentalist - Computer Music Programmers I know is also one of the finer alto players I know. He's called David "The Diminisher" McDonnell, and he contributed a couple great songs for this record. This is the result of touring the music before recording it. This is the first record we did where we didn't all live in Chicago anymore, but I think it sounds more like a true band than ever. Jeremiah Chiu won some awards for the cover art and design on this one. Recorded by our own Nick Broste.
Herculaneum III
This is the ballads record. Unfortunately, most of the slow tunes on this album were never played live and until people start demanding we play Jimmy Giuffre-esque ballads, that's probably how it will stay. We did have fun in the studio with the new addition of Nate Lepine on tenor and flute and John Beard on guitar. If you like to get mellow, grab yourself a highball and let's meet in the den.
Orange Blossom
The second Herculaneum record, leaves off where the debut finished. Troy Collins says:
"Ryan has an uncanny knack for writing melodic hooks. With a piano-less rhythm section and a three-horn front line at his disposal, Ryan has a wealth of stylistic precedents to draw from, yet he finds inspiration in forging his own path. Rather than simply settling for traditional structures or conventional arrangements, he keeps his group well-nourished with a balanced mix of supple rhythms, gorgeous melodies and challenging frameworks for improvisation."
The raw and unadulterated first batch of tunes recorded straight to tape from one of Chicago's longest lasting jazz outfits. All the tunes penned in a period of severe and passionate admiration of Captain Beefheart and Henry Threadgill and it shows. Marks the beginning of a long, fruitful relationship with Truckstop Audio. Only about 200 were made so I should hope they're long gone by now.